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Shaping the Legends of Tomorrow


It all started with an AI prompt.......

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Meet the Team

These strong and passionate educators came together to share their super powers and create a community.

Our Story

Greetings, fellow seekers of knowledge and innovation! We, the original five EduGuardians, first crossed paths in the vast digital expanse where educators and edtech champions converge. United by our fervor for education and our active presence on various social media platforms, our alliance was forged through the shared creation of enlightening content and mutual learning.

As we navigated through the digital realms of Curipod, SchoolAI, Diffit, Magic School, and other such gatherings of edtech enthusiasts, our paths intertwined in webinars and virtual groups. It was in these collaborative arenas that our bond started.

Our origin story took a pivotal turn when Christie, one of our own, invoked the powers of Microsoft Designer that could craft a superhero for each of us, encapsulating our individual attributes and educational passions. This act not only highlighted our unique strengths but also unified us under a common banner. 

From that moment, the concept of EduGuardians was truly born. Our ranks have swelled, and today we proudly number in the triple digits within this wondrous personal learning network (PLN). Together, we continue to explore the vast frontiers of education, each day growing stronger and sharing our journey with jovial superhero flair.


Join us as we soar through the realms of knowledge and creativity, ever expanding our horizons and embracing the joy of learning together. For we are not merely educators—we are EduGuardians, defenders of learning and champions of digital collaboration!

The Original 5

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