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Welcome, brave educators and mighty defenders of knowledge! The ISTE Conference is descending upon Denver like a meteor of innovation this June 2024, and we're about to suit up faster than The Flash on a caffeine high.

But fear not, for we've got a battle plan that would make Batman proud. We're not just strolling through the convention center like mere mortals – oh no! We're on a mission to seek out the legendary sessions of fellow EduGuardians, those superheroic saviors of education who've been saving the day, one lesson plan at a time, all while keeping their capes pristine and their X (Twitter) feeds on fire.

So, buckle up your utility belts (or your trusty lanyards), and let's chart a course more precise than Spiderman swinging through New York City. From booth to booth, we'll navigate the bustling crowds like Avengers assembling for battle, except our prize isn't an Infinity Stone – it's swag so epic, even Tony Stark would be jealous.

But remember, dear heroes of the classroom, even superheroes need to refuel. So, take a moment to recharge your superpowers, whether it's with a sip of super-soldier serum (or just a good ol' cup of joe). Together, we'll make this ISTE Conference an epic saga worthy of its own comic book series!

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